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Fire Safety

Smoke alarms save lives! Protect what matters most. An effective fire alarm/smoke detector is a key element to keeping your home and loved ones safe. Early detection can prevent a small fire escalating into a disaster.

What are smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms are self-contained devices that incorporate a means of detecting a fire and alerting you by giving a warning sound, usually a very loud beeping sound. They are about the size of a hand and are normally fitted to the ceiling. They can detect fires in their early stages and give you those precious minutes to enable you and your family to leave your house in safety.

In a standard smoke alarm, the battery will need to be replaced every 12 months. You can buy alarms fitted with sealed 10 year batteries. The advantage is that you don’t have to replace the battery every year.

Emergency Callouts

Fires can happen at any time, day or night and can cause serious, costly and safety problems. We offer 24/7 call out facilities for your peace of mind. Call us on 01424 219489

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