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Emergency Lighting Installations

Emergency Lighting forms an essential part of a company’s Fire Risk Management strategy, it is designed to help occupants see their way to safety in the event of a mains power failure.

When a fire occurs you never know who will be in your building, and the placement of this lighting is carefully thought out. This is to ensure that – even if you have no knowledge of the building layout – you will be able to find your way to an exit safely.

We can create bespoke solutions for warehouses, offices, residential property developments and for specialist areas and buildings. We can also provide regular maintenance and testing of systems to ensure functionality is maintained.

Why is emergency lighting important?

It is of particular importance for commercial and industrial buildings that have a number of people coming in and out of the building and of a more complex layout.

When a fire breaks out and all the lights go off it is natural to feel panicked and with thick smoke filling the room, finding your way out of the building without effective lighting guiding you can be difficult. Without emergency lighting, it is near impossible.

Emergency lighting servicing and maintenance

It is recommended that all emergency lighting systems should be tested monthly, by isolating the supply to the lighting circuit to ensure that all lights are fully functioning. This is usually performed by the customer.

Our skilled engineers ensure a full system test including a full rated duration test of the system is serviced to BS 5266 annually.

Compliance of the installation and system with the requirements of BS 5266 should be considered and documented.

During a fire, it is important that you are able to evacuate a building quickly and safely, and a fully functioning emergency lighting system is vital in enabling this.