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Nurse Call Systems Maintenance

A Nurse Call System is designed to offer vulnerable people a level of safety, independence and control over their day-to-day lives. This allows individuals a level of freedom, whether they are living in their own home, a residential care home or in a hospital.

What is a Nurse Call System?

A nurse call system is a lifeline between patient and medical staff. Visitors can also use the nurse call system on the patient’s behalf.

Benefits in the home

This allows an individual living on their own at home to alert a call centre or carer that they need urgent help. This can be done by pushing a pendent or hardwired button. It can also alert the call centre or carer that the person has fallen or suffering from a seizure.

Benefits in the Care Sector

A Nurse Call can be installed next to a bed and is an easy way to alert a carer or nurse if the patient requires assistance. This can also be used by a carer or nurse to call for assistance when needed.

Servicing and maintenance of a Nurse Call System

Jennery Associates Ltd. offer no-nonsense service agreements to give you peace of mind with your system. We know everyone is different so each of our maintenance contracts are bespoke to our clients, meaning that you will receive the service you need and actually use.

Our maintenance contracts are based around an annual inspection visit whereby we will conduct an annual test and inspection of your system. We will repair what we can whilst we are there and if necessary, make any recommendations for further works

Jennery Associates Ltd have many years of experience in this field, working in the care home sector. For a free, no obligation quote, call us on 01424 219489