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Security Access Control

Access control allows you to manage, monitor and maintain who has access to your building, giving individuals access to defined areas of the building and at the times they are authorised. Installing the correct access control system will help provide protection to your employees, visitors, stock and your property.

Why do I need an Access Control System?

  • Peace of mind, increased control and security
  • You may, for example, only want to allow automatic access to employees. Whereas you would like visitors and contractors to report to the reception desk on arrival.
  • Let’s authorised individuals access restricted areas
  • Audit trail, lets you know which individual has gained access to each area/building

Are there different types of Access Control?

Access cards are still the most common used in access control systems. Each card is assigned to one individual and can be revoked quick and easily.

There are other options to cards, however, and some offer higher levels of security. The key identification methods are:

  • Access card or badge or another type of identification tag.
  • PIN or password.
  • PIN or password.

Jennery Associates Ltd. are specialists in access control systems and security for commercial premises.
Access control systems can be installed to all your new or existing gates and doors, with a wide range of systems being available to suit the specific security requirements of your property.